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Mail AddressesUnlimited
Cron JobsUnlimited
Disk Space 33 GB
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ScriptingPHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5
DatabaseMySQL 5.1
SoftwareApache (Linux)
Connectivity10 Gbit
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Encrypted IMAPyes
Encrypted POP3yes
Encrypted Webmailyes
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DNS moduleyes
URL rewriteyes
Varnish proxyyes
SMS Textingyes
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Domain Name Prices

Type Registration Transfer
.dk £ 9.60 £ 0.00
.eu £ 9.60 £ 9.60
.com £ 9.60 £ 9.60*
.net £ 10.40 £ 10.40*
.org £ 10.40 £ 10.40*
.de £ 9.60 £ 9.60*
.info £ 10.40 £ 10.40*
.co.uk £ 20.00** £ 20.00**
*   Includes 1-year extension ** Includes 2-year extension
Many other types are offered. Full Price List

Selected Features

SSL Encryption

Choose to protect one or more of your sites with SSL encryption. Your website will get a dedicated IP address, and our “one-click” setup makes it a breeze to set it all up!

Text Messaging

Quick and affordable SMS text messages. Send to phones worldwide directly from the Control Centre.

PHP configuration

It is possible to create your own configuration of the php.ini file, directly from the Control Centre.

Mail and Webmail

You can have as many e-mail addresses as you like, create “catch-all” addresses, forward emails, and much more.

Latest Blog Posts

New domain types available!

April 17, 2014

New top-level domain names are being introduced these days, and we are happy to announce you can register them with Gigahost!

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How to access your log files in the Control Center

October 1, 2013

While it has been possible to view the error logs of your web site from within the Control Centre for a while, recently we have introduced a new feature – to download the full “access” logs for your web sites.

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PHP 5.5 available on Gigahost

June 20, 2013

As the first shared hosting provider in Europe to do so, we are happy to announce our immediate support of PHP 5.5.0

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Zend Guard and IonCube support

April 12, 2013

The PHP extensions IonCube and Zend Guard Loader are now supported at Gigahost.

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